About Michael C. Goodwin

Michael began producing art professionally in 1973, back when dinosaurs still roamed parts of Utah. In the 48 years since, he has been a graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist and book designer. He has worked in planetariums, museums and various publication companies. His colorful illustrations and amusing cartoons have been featured in newspapers, books and magazines.

His first book of cartoons, “Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With?” gave birth to a series including, “My Stars!” “Son of Monolith,” and “Tripping the Light Fantastic.” He is also a contributor to many other anthologies of SF humor. He was the graphic designer to Orson Scott Card’s editor in the fantasy anthologies, “Dragons of Light,” and “Dragons of Darkness.” He is co-author to “A Guide to the Commonwealth,” detailing Alan Dean Foster’s epic Humanx Commonwealth series of novels. His most recent cartoon book, “My Stars and Galaxies!, A Comic Cosmic Journey,” released in November, 2014, resumes his humorous explorations of the universe. A sequel, “My Stars & Galaxies Too! The Return of the Megalith,” is planned for 2022.

With his wife, Lynne, they have spent many years traveling the U.S. exhibiting his science fiction and her fantasy illustrations at art shows and science fiction conventions. They have one grown son, Rob, (a graphic artist and writer as well), a zoologist daughter-in-law, Courtnee, and have been adopted by a small flock of quail and other furry creatures who live in their back yard.

After several false starts, Michael began writing science fiction novels in 2008. His first book, “Field Trip,” was released in November, 2014. His second novel, “Standardized Test,” will be released in 2022. He currently lives in North Ogden, Utah, writing, painting and working with the national award-winning, Treehouse Children’s Museum as a consulting artist, exhibit designer and painter. Michael and Lynne wish they could still travel, preferring warmer climates such as the deserts and canyons of Southern Utah and comfortable resorts in coastal areas. But until the pandemic ends they are content to work at home and at the museum for the foreseeable future. Michael continues to work on his science fiction series with three more completed books, (and two more underway), a fantasy novel with Lynne and has started writing a historical western railroad murder mystery. He has opened a art site on Etsy for their science fiction and fantasy artwork, and will be expanding it during the next few months.

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